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We have come a long way since Zeekoi was born and
hold our heads high up with pride. We have worked with some big names in the industry and we have evolved in ways we did not foresee. We bring to you a few words of testimony from them. Take a look and be satisfied.

Sujilee Publications

Sujilee is one of a kind idea to ease the burden of authors in publishing their books. The motive behind the application is to slash the huge publishing cost and save the environment by printing the book ordered on demand which will reduce the wastage of stacking up unsold books. The app is also an e-commerce platform for the public to order their favourite books online.

Rajagiri National Business Quiz

Rajagiri college of business school is one of the leading business schools in Kerala. They are predominantly focused on giving the best experience for the students with the best industry experts all around the world. To organise their 11th edition of the Rajagiri National Business Quiz involving prestigious colleges and industries they wanted to build an end to end solution to conduct their Quiz but completely online.

Abhayaas Montessori

Abhyaas Montessori is a specially prepared environment for children between 2.5 yrs-6 years of age. This school follows the Montessori method of education completely. Initially, Abhyaas Montessori House of children was a playschool that got later developed into a Montessori environment focusing on overall human development. As it expanded, the client required a platform through which they could make every parents aware about it.

Cafe Since 97

Located near the Rajagiri College Campus, Café Since 97 is one of the most famous restaurants in Kakkanad with a hip ambience offering globally inspired nibbles. Since the café is near the college campus the rush hours during noon and evenings increased rapidly during post covid period. An efficient order processing process was required to maintain the increasing number of customers.

Mens Republic

Mens Republic is one of the pioneer fashion studios in Abu Dubai having 3 fashion stores. They offer a wide variety of latest trends in men’s clothing across their stores in Sharjah and UAE. To deal with the increasing customer base they required a properly operating system through which they can maintain the required inventory to ensure a smooth flow of business.

Frozen Kitchen

Frozen Kitchen is one of the leading frozen food stores located in Alappuzha, Kerala offering a wide variety of frozen seafood, ready to fry snacks, meats and poultry. Seafood is sourced from India’s major Frozen manufacturers to capture peak freshness and flavour. It is also ensured that from source to store, a trained workforce handles every product with expert care, zero preservatives, and unstinting attention to hygiene, quality, and flavour. To organize their increasing functionality ranging from accounting to marketing process they required a systematic approach with an ease of understanding.


Richbell is a Non-Veg Supermarket serving delicious and fresh fish, poultry, and meat in a hygienic way. It delivers a large number of frozen food items across the Kakkanad region. They have a well-defined area serving varieties of frozen items ensuring quality and quantity in abundance. A well-defined E-commerce platform to ensure online booking services along with a method of integrating weighing machines was required.


Alummoottil is one of the most famous fabric stores in Kayamkulam, Kerala offering a wide variety of wedding collections. Since its a hub of wedding collections therefore the demand for this premium category remains in demand throughout the year. To maintain its customer satisfaction the primary requirement was to keep its stock in the abundance of required quality and quantity of latest trends to ensure a steady flow of business.

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